About Me

An Intro Note from the Founder

Hello there!

I’m a restless passionista who is dedicated to helping as many folks as possible learn English, soft skills and happy life. In addition, I offer courses and lessons in Humanistic studies and enjoy ruminating with students on the meaning of life and other stuff.

One of my major goals is to make learning English an extraordinary experience for you – one that will make you forget all the unsuccessful attempts at mastering the language you’ve had in the past.

I’ve founded Pro-Humanities to expand my expertise and help as many folks as possible learn a new language, but also provide assistance with any sort of translations and teach the art of enjoying and embracing the learning process. Moreover, Pro-Humanities has a range of various corporate training types that allows teams to maximize their potential and be a blessing for their employers.

Look around and feel free to ask any questions.

Looking forward to working with you!

With love,

Pro-Humanites, Ltd.

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